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The famous British Virgin Islands (BVI) are great for sailing, cruising, snorkeling, and diving. The two entry ports are Port Purcell and Beef Island Airport, but yachts are do not use these.

British Virgin Islands

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jweller001 says on 02-02-2014 Tortola BVI
The 2014 BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival Yacht Club Challenge is a very exciting event and we thought it might be a fun winter escape for Yacht Club folks who are dreaming of warm, sunny beach...
jweller001 says on 02-08-2011 Tortola BVI welcomes Modern Geographic ( - where they offer customized captained sailing expeditions. They cover five regions of the Caribbean and can include open-...
Drifter says on 12-17-2010 Tortola BVI
These islands and coves make dreams come true....
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